Maraica San Pancho

Enjoy a vacation in harmony with nature by staying in Maraica San Pancho Eco Hotel
Maraica San Pancho

True balance is possible, and Maraica San Pancho Eco Hotel is the living proof of that. This elegant eco-friendly hotel is designed to be in perfect harmony with the environment, just perfect to make the guests feel in an oasis of relaxation, comfort, and traditional wisdom when visiting Riviera Nayarit.

The concept of this ecological accommodation experience is based on the “Wixárika” culture, that is why every room is named after a a Wixárika symbol that represents a specific energy of nature.

The main attraction of Maraica is Muvieri, their culinary precinct based in the middle of the jungle, and the cuisine is strongly inspired in the traditional food of Nayarit and ancestral costumes.

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