Lindo Mar

Lindo Mar Resort is a smoke-free accommodation with all the amenities in on of the best beaches of Puerto Vallarta
Lindo mar

Lindo Mar Resort Puerto Vallarta

Lindo Mar Resort Puerto Vallarta gives the fantasy of a classic Old Mexico style resort, right on Conchas Chinas Beach, one of the favorites of locals and visitors. The very name of the hotel alludes to it: “Lindo Mar” translates as “pretty sea”. The rooms of this smoke-free accommodation have balconies so the guests never miss a sunset and the ocean view. It is a perfect place for relaxation, offering all the comforts everyone could look for during their vacation: an ocean-front restaurant, bar, a pool, and a fitness center. Lindo Mar has the ultimate vacation experience for everyone who chooses to stay with them.

Lindo Mar Resort Puerto Vallarta


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