Hostal San Pancho

Hostal San Pancho Bed & Breakfast offers everything to cover the basic needs of any traveler
Hostal San Pancho

Hostal San Pancho is a simple accommodation option, ideal for people who travel on a budget and need the basic comforts during their stay.

This hostel is divided in two areas, Hostal San Pancho, which offers private and shared rooms with single beds, and Refugio de Sol, an area that consists of standard double rooms and suites.

This hostel has an accommodation capacity of 40 people, and its fees include a fresh breakfast every morning. The common areas that guests can share are the lobby, the kitchen, and the patio.

And to complement the comfort with some fun, they organize many activities, such as tours to places like the Marietas Islands or Playa Escondida, and spots like snorkeling, surfing, and stand-up paddling.

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